Welcome to “Blessings of Joy” a place where our belief is every child deserves hope for a better future. Through education, love, acceptance and child sponsorship’ “Blessings of Joy” is changing the lives of hundreds of impoverished children of the Mweruka village one child at a time.

Mweruka is a remote village in the Kyanamukaaka Sub-County, in the Masaka district of Uganda. It is plagued with rampant poverty, malaria, and host of diseases caused by lack of nutrition, clean water and sanitation. The Mweruka Junior School was started by “Blessings of Joy” to improve the lives of more children in the village who do not yet have sponsors. The school currently has no electricity, no accessible clean water, and only basic sanitation facilities. In spite of these hardships, our students are excelling in Ugandan academic testing. Dedicated teachers, new classrooms with cement floors, new latrines, improved nutrition; vitamins and deworming are making a difference in the health and lives of these children.

Some of the children at our school have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. They may be staying with foster families, relatives, or teachers at our school. Children in the most desperate situation are given priority in the sponsorship program. Currently only 10% of our 400 students have sponsors.

Education is the best hope for the children of this village to break free from poverty. We invite you to look around our website to see what great things are happening at “Blessings of Joy” and the Mweruka Junior School. Consider sponsoring a project, a child, or a teacher. You can change the destiny of a child.

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