Blessings Of Joy - Community Program

Blessings Of Joy works with the local communities to spread the awareness on HIV/AIDS. Among our programs is to engage the youth, men and women in HIV/AIDS prevention discussions and raise awareness about the disease. With AIDS more than doubling in Africa, prevention and raising awareness is must be a joint effort among the goverments, communities and local organizations.

Blessings Of Joy also provides mosquito nets to the poor in the community and teaches them how to use the nets for malaria prevention. Malaria is the main killer of children and women in the Sub-Sahara region of Africa. Currently more than 2000 mosquito nets have been delivered to aid in this fight.

Blessings Of Joy also works with the local health officials to provide free eye glasses to people who have poor eye sight.

Our farm project has proven to be a successful venture in providing food and teaching the local people about sustainable agriculture.