Blessings Of Joy - How to Help

  1. Classrooms. One of the major urgent needs of the school is building nine permanent classrooms for Mweruka Junior School. An individual or a group may choose to build one class or contribute towards the building fund.
    One class of 40 students will cost $ 4,500.
  2. The children/school kitchen. Mweruka Junior School needs a permanent kitchen. The kitchen helps over 200 children and teachers.
    The cost of building the kitchen is $ 3,000
  3. Toilet facility. Mweruka needs well-built toilet facilities. Having good toilet facilities promotes human dignity and healthy living. $5,000 will build all the toilet facilities (restrooms) for Mweruka Junior School.
  4. House for homeless children. We have children who were either abandoned or orphaned and need a home. $4,000 will help build one house for 10 homeless/orphaned children.
  5. $28 a month for 18 months will help a child who has graduated from elementary school to learn technical skills in carpentry and joinery, building, tailoring and design and many more. Such skills will make the children self sufficient when they graduate.
  6. Support a teacher fund. One of the biggest challenges we face is paying teachers' salaries. A donation of $ 25 or above a month will help us pay our hardworking teachers at Mweruka Junior School.

Also, please consider sponsoring a child! Make a difference in a child's life!