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Opportunities to Help

    1. Sponsor a Child
      You can change the life of a child for little more than $1 dollar a day. For $35.00 per month your donation will ensure your sponsored child has the opportunity to attend school with a school uniform, shoes, toothbrush, toothpaste, body soap, clothing soap, books and basic school supplies as well a food at school and food to take home during semester breaks.
      Many of the children attending Blessings of Joy – Mweruka Junior School are without family. They may be orphaned or living with relatives or teachers due to poverty or other circumstances. If you would like to learn more about sponsoring a child, just click on the link below the child’s profile to contact us for more information regarding that child. We are a small organization with lots of hands on and we will keep you periodically updated with information about your sponsored child.
    2. Sponsor Teachers
      Your gift of $50.00 per month will go towards the teacher’s salaries, teacher’s supplies and teacher enrichment programs.
      The 10 teachers at the Mweruka Junior School provide the children the gift of knowledge truly as a labor of love. They are currently dependent on funds for their meager salary from Blessings of Joy general funds. Sometimes they must wait until funds become available before getting their salary. Many of them live far away and go back to their families during term breaks. The average teacher’s salary is $100/per month, which includes providing a place for them to live during the school term. This is well below the government school salaries of $150/per month. We hope to be able to offer our teachers a salary that is competitive with the rest of the country’s standards.
      Your gift of $50.00 per month will go towards the teacher’s salaries, teacher’s supplies and teacher enrichment programs.
    3. Sponsor Nutritional Food at School
      For $35 dollars a month, you can contribute to improved learning and improved nutrition in the lives of approximately 20 children.
      Many of our 300 students come to school without having anything to eat since the previous evening. Studies have shown that food helps the brain to learn. The brain is not working proficiently when a child is hungry. At Blessings of Joy – Mweruka Junior School, porridge is served to all the students during the morning hours. This meal improves their ability to learn and improves their overall health.
    4. Improve and Expand our Classrooms and Administrative Office Areas
      Floors are worn down from 8-10 yrs of weather that creeps in and causes rainwater to flow into the classroom, plus hundreds of feet daily in and out of that room with open air window and to fix a leaking roof. The teacher Justine explained that the “weather can interfere with learning”.
    5. Sponsor a Garden
      Your one time donation of $50.00 can purchase seeds, fertilizer and tools necessary to construct and plant a garden on the school grounds. Fruit and nut trees also can be purchased and planted. A garden can grow healthier children, not just plants. The produce will be used for creating nutritious lunches at the school with any extra given to needy families. We will be happy to provide you with a picture of the fruits of these efforts. Help us dig out of nutritional deficiencies. Teaching children how to garden is a lifelong skill that can serve well in an impoverished community.
    6. Sponsor Classroom Supplies and Textbooks
      For $20.00 per month (just 1 less Starbucks skinny vanilla latte or mocha Frappuccino per week) you can provide all the classroom needs for these disadvantaged children. At Blessings of Joy, we have great needs for basic classroom items. Notebook paper, test booklets, scissors, crayons, pens, pencils, chalk, rulers – supplies used in schools all over the world are just not available in schools like ours. Text books and curriculum are also needed. Your donation can provide the opportunity for these children to break free from poverty.
    7. Sponsor a Pair of Shoes
      Through generous donations, we have been able to purchase shoes for each of our 300 children attending Mweruka Junior School. While it was an incredible gift, children will outgrow shoes and new children will come into the school each term without shoes. We require that all children wear shoes because of the problem of jiggers. Our medical team in 2014 found a significant number of the children infested with jiggers, (the larvae from a sand flea). Most of us are not familiar with these organisms – and that is a very good thing. While jiggers in small numbers are not deadly, the secondary infections (gangrene, tetanus and other diseases) can be. Cement has been poured for all the classroom floors and the teachers are now educating the children on ways to eradicate the fleas from their homes. Some of these children have never had a pair of shoes. You can help them to better walk to school and play with their classmates and to be more focused on their schoolwork. You have given them hope for a better tomorrow with a $20.00 pair of leather shoes.

Short Term Mission Trips

At Blessings Of Joy we believe that Jesus did not call us to be just followers but disciples. Being a Christian is not just going to church on Sundays but we have to be fruit bearing Christians. It is getting out in our neighborhood and our world to let others see our light.

We help individuals, church groups, school groups, and organizations to get out and serve others through the gospel. Since we do not do domestic (U.S) mission trips, our mission trips are intended for Uganda only.

Bring a team to our school for special projects:

      • Building
      • Education
      • Agricultural
      • Community Development
      • Music and Art
      • Sports
      • Other projects
      • Bible School
      • English language
      • Teaching and help with Malaria Prevention
      • Teaching, Counseling, and support for people with HIV/AIDS
      • Skill teaching
      • Other

Provide letters and prayers of encouragement to the teachers, administrators and children of Blessing of Joy –Mweruka Junior School. Encourage and pray for Solomon to persevere, share his faith and move forward with his vision of what Blessings of Joy can become. Letters encourage the PTA of Mweruka Junior School.

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