Nutrition Program

Uganda has one of the highest rates of child malnutrition and undernutrition of the African nations. Ugandan children also have intestinal parasites and a diet critically deficient in vitamin A and iron. Hunger and undernutrition make learning difficult. When school is in session, all students and staff members at Mweruka Junior School (MJS), approximately 420 students and employees are given a hot meal cooked over a wood fire. Four days a week they receive porridge consisting of maize, soy, sugar, milk and a supplement called Body Boosters. Once a week they have a special meal that is a stew containing potatoes, beans, sardines, carrots and seasonings. We add fresh fruit in season.

Twice a year each student is given deworming medication and multivitamins fortified with Vitamin A and iron.

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Suggested Gifts:
$50 per month will provide meals for 17 people for one school year.

One time Gifts:
• $30: Provides a meal for 1 person a school year.
• $300: Provides a meal for 10 people a school year.
• $4,000: Provides daily meals for one trimester.
• $12,000: Provides meals for all children and staff for one year.