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Sponsor a Child

Largely because of the remote region in which they live, each child attending Mweruka Junior School has significant social, financial and spiritual needs. Children to be sponsored are selected by Blessings of Joy – Uganda as those with the greatest need.

Our current sponsorship is now approximately 15% of 400 students. This is 65 of the 400 students attending Mweruka Junior School. We have been provided the opportunity to sponsor a total of 79 students, each with significant social, financial and spiritual needs.

All children possess a unique potential given to them by God to fulfill their calling in life. In the United States, it is reasonable to say that 80% of students will go on to develop their talents and find their life’s purpose.

In Africa, that percentage is much lower due to the lack of education, high levels of poverty and limited resources. Fortunately Blessings Of Joy has answered the call by stepping in to help those children and students, giving them the education, resources and skills needed to help turn them into the servant leaders that they were meant to be. Leaders who can transform their societies for Christ.

For as little as $45.00 a month, for a child in Primary School, you can help us on this mission to develop Christian leaders in Uganda and in the process, dramatically change a child’s life forever. Your monthly gift will provide assistance for educational expenses, spiritual discipleship, leadership training & medical attention when needed.

Many children are capable and want to advance their education beyond primary school. If a child is a Candidate for High School, Trade School or College, support of that child is possible. This will change the funding amount required each month. To advance beyond high school means leaving the village and boarding at a school. The cost for tuition, books, room and board varies but for high school it is approximately $60/month. Sponsoring a child in primary school carries no obligation to sponsor that child beyond primary school graduation. It is such a blessing to the child if a sponsor decides to develop a longer relationship with their sponsored child through his/her secondary school years

Sponsoring a child is more than just giving money. Your sponsored child will regard you as a gift from God and will pray for you each day as well as write letters to you. A relationship will begin that will change you and your sponsored child’s life forever!

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